1. kumerish:

    Life Support Spaceman 

  2. kumerish:

    An Unremarkable Pilgrimage 

    This is a scene from a story I’ve been working on for a very long time. 

  3. This isn’t finished but I’m done house sitting at Lily’s come tomorrow morning so I probably won’t get a chance to finish it via cintiq. 

  4. Since I am dork-supreme and have recently started GM’ing a game of Pathfinder I have been super into making peripheral game pieces for my adventurers (my friends). In half an hour the night before the first session I whipped up these adventurers kits. I printed them out, folded them into an envelope, and filled with various necessary (and hilarious) items I had drawn. These are their supply bags.

  5. A digital sketch that was just supposed to be a quick thing but I got carried away…I have to get up at 6:30 so I gotta get to bed thus it is deemed finished. 

  6. Still don’t like Photoshop.

    I have an idea for zine called “CROWD” where each contributor does a story taking place within the same city. Each artist would riff off of each others stories…kind of like working within a band.

  7. Medic or something.

  8. thingsaredumb:

    These are the first few draft pages for a comic I’m working on about a young boy getting over a tragic event from his naive point of view.

    My lady is casually conquering comics.

  9. kymerish:

    Close up of a page i am working on. #booty

  10. Another journal type comic from my sketchbook. I can’t use photoshop very well so this took much longer than I care to admit. 

  11. I’m not religious in a traditional sense, if in any sense at all, however I find myself constantly wrestling with the same questions I was asking in Sunday School. There is something so inherently flawed (in my opinion) with referring to God as anything at all. Humanizing, representing or portraying it feels unnecessary.

    Anyways, this is messy and has been in my sketchbook for a while. I kept toying with the idea of cleaning it up but really there isn’t really a point as it already is all it needs to be. This was scribbled in a coffee shop as the idea struck me. I may begin posting these messy little journals that litter my sketchbook.

  12. ha ha the file for this is named “what” and it was originally a .tif so its file name was, “what.tif”.

  13. I scanned a bunch of short comics from my sketchbook. This was a panel from one that was a three panel diary-like entry about passive-aggressive texting.

    High-concept, I know.

  14. kymerish:


  15. Some new followers so hi! This is cartoon me, My name is Adam and I am currently a barista by day and an artist by night (full-time fine-arts student come fall). I am also a master of cat-sitting. Say hi!