1. My laptop broke so I have no way to scan the art I’ve been working on! Boo me!

  2. kymerish:

    "Sorry, were you in the middle of something?"
    I invited her to cuddle me and she decided to lie down on my sketchbook.

  3. kymerish:

    Can’t decide if this one is finished. A scene from a story that I have been working on for a while. #art #illustration #comics

  4. kymerish:

    Current work station. #catsitting

  5. Life Support Spaceman 

  6. kymerish:

    Some tiny art I did for the lady.

  7. kymerish:

    Comic master Simon Roy. #missa2012 #simonroy #prophet

    Was lucky enough to spend the weekend talking about and drawing comics with this cool guy.

  8. kymerish:



    also this is kind of concept art for a story about a space explorer in a solar-powered, life-support space suit.
  9. Life drawing Feat. Life Drawing Classmates


  10. I haven’t been doing as much finished pieces as I’d like recently but I have however been very productive on the writing front. Keep your eyes peeled for some comix n’ stuff in the coming months.

  11. started using some new pens so here are some little doods.

  12. Made for a sculpture assignment on abstraction through material. Many, many hours went into this and I used mostly hand-tools. The jaw is hinged! Was very pleased with this project.

    I kept meaning on taking some really good pictures but for now.

  13. kymerish:

    It’s all coming up Milhouse.


  14. Anonymous said: I really like your art and I would like it, if it interest you of course, to join my friend and mines little project;it's an art zine based on Europe and the things it has inspired. In particular from the 1450s to the late 1900s. If you are interested please do contact back. And thank you. :D historyofeurope14501990tumblrcom

    this sounds super dope and for some reason tumblr never notified me of this!


  15. gamzeemahsurprise said: I really like your drawings! They're really good :3

    oh gosh thank you so much. Hearing that is such a wonderful little pick-me-up.