1. kymerish:

    Another #wip for my zine Forming. Cheating and using pages from it as my self directed drawing project.

    here we are.

  2. kymerish:

    First Unlettered page. #forming

    Better picture.

  3. Working on a one page thing for a bigger zine I am aiming to have done for vancaf. Unsure if it needs to be inked. It’s missing narration currently.

  4. kymerish:

    A cactus and a little abstract piece.

  5. (Source: kymerish)

  6. First Digital Design project. 

    "Self Portrait Collage" 

    Featuring Miyazaki, Taiyo Matsumoto, Eleanor Davis, Haruki Murakami, and my own art along the borders.

  7. Clay candle hut.

    Currently unfired and unglazed.

    (Source: kymerish)

  8. kymerish:

    Built my own stretcher and stretched my first canvas! Yay!

  9. Today was my, “academic” school day.

    These are my notes from English and Art History which serve as a testament to my adhd…featuring classmates, my English professor, and some quick rococo sketches. 

  10. textures for a digital collage for class.


  11. I am in the planning phases of a bunch of smaller projects. Will be posting things soon! 

  12. I think I posted this before within a larger photoset. I still really like this design and find myself doodling it a lot in my sketchbook.

  13. A quick shepherd I drew this evening.

  14. kymerish:

    Made of clay.

  15. kumerish:

    Life Support Spaceman