1. kymerish:

    lol art school.

    Two pieces for a series…I like that my prof separated them?

  2. kymerish:

    #forming 3/6


  3. Hey guys,
    Not that any of you were keeping score but I’m going to have to call it quits on the daily inktober.

    It’s a great exercise and I love doing it but I have honestly been neglecting a lot of my schooling. Will post thing as they happen (as there will be lots).

  4. Inktober Day Thirteen

    Behind but this’ll have to do; some doodles I quicky inked! Currently swamped in homework.

  5. In class paintings. 20 minutes each.

  6. Form from class.

  7. Inktober Day 12

    Various ink doodles I’ve done recently. The second one is myself inking my talented lady lilysnowdenfine art.

  8. Inktober Day Eleven

    Dark-matter Miner.

    Was thinking about adding colour to this one but I gotta showerrrr.

  9. Inktober Day Ten.

    Finally caught up. 

  10. Inktober Day Nine

    Haven’t drawn any bi-pedal robots for a while.

  11. Inktober Day Eight (7x4”)

    Earth-Empire Ra the 4th.

  12. Inktober Day Seven  (6x6”)

    Doodle with the pen. This week has been trying. 

  13. Inktober Day Six

    A warrior and his quad-winged bud.

  14. Inktober Day Five

    Young space colonist toying with his remote-controlled bio-ball.

    Using a pen and nib now cause I am tired of the dead micron line on my characters.  

  15. Day Four “The Cartographers Wife” (~4x6.5”)

    The cartographers young wife awaits patiently for his return. Her anxiety is high since finding out she is pregnant and having no means of letting her husband know.