1. adumbum asked: Hey Brandon, I feel like I've been in a drawing drought these past few weeks where most of my artwork ends up mediocre and creatively uninspired. Do you find you need to take breaks from drawing to make yourself work better? I've been starting to feel that maybe downtime really contributes to the creative process but I almost feel guilty for not being able to create at 100% all the time. Also was wondering if you had any prints planned for Vancaf? Thanks for your time and the amazing books.


    I think it works differently for everyone. I tend to always slowly be working on something so it feels less like work and more like another thing I do for fun. 

    I think it’s important to be nice to yourself and forgiving about the work. I think It’s important to remember that It’s nothing like a race, you’re trying  to make work that helps you deal with the world around you. So it’s ok to spend a long time thinking or doing other things if you feel like you need to. You have to live your life too so you have things to make the work about.

    When I’m feeling uninspired I like to go back to the older work that got me really excited about comics. I read through Zooniverse or Moebius books or Appleseed. I like reading Murakami books, he’s one of those writers that makes it all seem so simple. 

    and yeahh, I should have some prints at Vancaf. —and thanks. 

  2. adumbum:

    Two things I’m working between.

  3. adumbum:

    I would rather be drawing comics.

  4. adumbum:

    More ink practice!

  5. adumbum:

    Inked panel I did a couple months ago.

    I feel like I used something as reference for this But I couldn’t find it so hopefully this isn’t a direct copy of something.
  6. adumbum:

    Feeling uncreative so here I am copying some da Vinci sketches.

  7. adumbum:

    Today’s life drawings! Was really excited to try out the brown paper with some conte.

  8. adumbum:

    Got my block of alder all cut down to size. Gotta say this medium excites me a lot more than I thought it wood.

  9. adumbum:

    Messy desk

  10. adumbum:

    Been feeling creatively sapped so I decided to work on my brush work by copying some Takemitsu Zamurai panels. Matsumoto, is in my regards, one of the greatest modern comic artists; nobody captures atmosphere or character like him.